Drones are constantly evolving, and the technology is becoming more and more advanced. From their original use as military surveillance gadgets, they have become popular forms of entertainment for children and adults. While flying and controlling was the initial use of drones, they have further advanced to include highly portable pocket drones, impressive professional-quality cameras and videography capabilities, not to mention taking selfies and the recent emergence of fishing drones. With the huge variety of drones to choose from on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is worthy of your time and money. The Holy Stone HS700 drone is a great place to start your due diligence as it has an extensive list of features and benefits that offer a premium drone experience.

Holy Stone HS700 Drone Review

Holy Stone HS700 Drone Review

Camera and Video

First off, the HS700 drone features an advanced 5G 1080P FHD camera that is capable of taking professional-quality images. The camera features a 110-degree field of view to produce panoramic images of staggering proportion. It takes impressive video thanks to its 5G 1300FT transmission of real-time video, making it ideal for the ever-growing ‘dronie’ (selfies taken by drones) trend. It is also GoPro Hero compatible for great filming of sporting or high-speed events.

GPS Flying

With the drone’s GPS-assisted flight, the drone never loses its starting point. It can hover stably and will automatically return back to its starting flight location when its battery starts to run low or the signal is lost. This is an excellent feature for those planning to fly farther afield as they don’t have to worry about losing it.

There are also user-friendly settings where the drone will follow your path or can follow a circular flying path that you have preset.

Flight Time

The drone has a 20-minute maximum flight time. Although that doesn’t sound like a huge amount of time, it exceeds what a lot of other drones on the market can offer. The drone’s high-capacity 2800mAh battery has a handy low-power alert so you know when you will need to cut your flight short, change the battery, or recharge it. Also, in 20 minutes, a drone can fly far and wide.


The drone’s brushless motor is powerful but nice and quiet when running. This drone is known to never break down, and necessary motor replacements are few and far between. With a reliable motor, you can fully enjoy your flight without concerning yourself with breakdowns or motor failures.

User-Friendly Controls

Drones are much more enjoyable to fly and control if they are user-friendly, especially for beginners. The drone has a very simple control option with a quick-launch release via a single key press. The quick-release propellers are screw-free and are easily assembled.

The drone has a stable flight with its altitude locked and has a simple direction control with a headless mode. With the independent flight of the drone, you can devote more time and focus to camera control and capturing those perfect images and video footage.


• Excellent camera and video capabilities
• Stable flight
• GPS location
• User-friendly controls
• 20-minute flight time
• Powerful brushless motor
• Runs quietly
• High-capacity 2800mAh battery
• GoPro compatible
• Automatic starting point return when battery gets low
• Ideal for beginners


• Can’t stream video directly to a laptop
• Some users have reported the auto-return function to be unreliable
• No protection guards included

The Holy Stone HS700 vs. Similar Models

At less than $300, the HS700 is a great option for someone getting their feet wet in the drone arena. It is a worthy investment and its user-friendly controls make it a pleasure to fly. When compared with similar models at a similar price point, such as the Potensic GPS FPV RC Drone, the HS700 offers its users very similar benefits: the powerful but quiet motor, user-friendly controls, panoramic features, high-quality camera and video capabilities, GPS positioning, and the headless mode. The Holy Stone does provide users with the additional benefit of capturing high-quality dronies as well. The Potensic does, however, come with a durable protective metal case, while the Holy Stone does not.

What Users are Saying

People who have sampled the flying abilities of the HS700 have reported that it offers a lot of bang for its buck, in addition to its ability to capture very impressive dronies, panoramic videos and images.

Beginners find that the drone is extremely user-friendly and love the automatic starting return enabled by its GPS-assisted flight feature. While some users have expressed disappointment with the GPS-return feature not being 100-percent reliable, the majority of users have found that it always returns home when the battery is running low or the signal is getting weaker.

Many users have reported that it has many of the same features promised by more costly drones. For under $300, the clear consensus is that the HS700 is a worthy investment that will bring pure enjoyment and hours of entertainment.

Final Verdict

When a person starts scrolling through the endless drone options, models, and features, it can seem daunting and overwhelming to know which one is a worthy investment. Brand is a good place to start as a little research into the most trusted drone manufacturing brands makes the Holy Stone name stand out. HS is a trusted name that has become an industry leader. They are known to produce high-quality drones with just enough features to make the flying experience simple and enjoyable without making it too complex for beginners. Holy Stone is also known for their friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful customer service department.

The Holy Stone HS700 has an extensive list of features that start with its awesome camera and video capabilities. From panoramic to those trendy dronies, the Holy Stone will not disappoint. Its brushless motor is powerful, yet quiet, and is known to rarely break down or require repairs. The Holy Stone HS700 comes highly recommended for beginners or those who want a drone with simple flight controls so they can focus on capturing that impressive video footage and professional-quality images.