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The Importance of Drones in Agriculture : Use Drone Mapping to Save Your Farm

As a farmer, or someone who works in the agriculture sector, you likely know the importance of accuracy.  Resource availability and keeping track of shipment quantities can often be a very tedious and tiresome task, sometimes taking days to evaluate depending on the size of the landscape.

According to an article in Macleans in 2016, smaller companies now have to compete with big box brands in terms of using technology to save time and valuable resources. Drones and other technology are allowing farmers to more efficiently plan for the future. This means higher production volumes coming from smaller plots, due to the increased efficiencies technology can bring.

Drones are just one of many great examples of this. Looking at wide open agricultural plots, drones allow farmers the ability to view the entirety of their land in moments. Service providers in the industry, such as The Sky Guys here in Canada, are able to quickly and efficiently map the area through photo and video, providing data to the client almost as quickly as it’s acquired.

According to an article by the CBC from April of 2017, we can already see the importance of drone use through agricultural mapping. This was highlighted even further in a specific CBC case study around the farming of blueberries in Nova Scotia. It displays vividly an incredible example of how businesses can thrive through more efficient resource allocation due to more precise and accurate data.

With the use of drones, farming companies are able to see which blueberry plants are in need attention, and can then act accordingly, increasing crop survival. Areas that need more attention can be reviewed and taken care of immediately. Farmers are therefore able to easily eliminate product waste. Through the use of drones, they are able to drastically cut the cost of production, and increase overall efficiency.  Looking at this particular example, agricultural drone mapping is expected to improve blueberry farming profits by 30%, providing a ripple effect of benefits for the consumer, retailers and restaurant owners. Companies like Costco (selling fruits in grocery) and McDonald’s (selling fruit muffins) will therefore also see a profit increase in these sectors.

While the benefit of using drones in agriculture can easily be seen, adoption is sometimes slow as there is a learning curve to new technology. With a breadth of industry coverage, including agriculture, the Big Drone Show is the perfect start to getting further educated in the benefits of agricultural drone use.

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