Celebrate With Drones – Big Drone Show

Celebrate With Drones

With holidays such as Canada Day and numerous long weekends, fireworks are a common sight to behold throughout the summer. While everyone loves the magical feeling of watching a fireworks show, in some instances people are turning to drones to offer an alternative, yet often equally as a magical experience. Many theme parks across North America for example, mainly in the United States, are adopting drones and UAVs as their primary tool for visual light shows, where they traditionally used fireworks.  

One of the first uses of light shows with drones was in 2016 at the Disney Springs Resort at Walt Disney World where Disney launched their first drone light show during that holiday season. Another modern, and perhaps more notable, an example was at Super Bowl LI where thousands of drones went up as part of the half time show featuring Lady Gaga, in February of this year.  

Looking at other instances, Coachella is said to have had a 300 drone display at the festival.  When visiting New York City, you will even see drones during Parmour, Cirque du Soleil’s current show on Broadway. While drones can create amazing visual shows, there are of course safety concerns. Taking this into consideration, amusement parks, such as Walt Disney World,  Seaworld, and Universal Orlando have recently put specific safety measures in place when using drones to preemptively avoid any potential dangers. According to Gearbrain Online Magazine,  drones are reportedly restricted from flying within 100 feet of park guests at Disney Theme Parks.

While it is unlikely that drones will replace traditional fireworks altogether, it will be interesting to see the future growth in this trend, and how it alters the shows that parks and venues have been putting on for decades.


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