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Construction: building on drone technology

Construction is a continually growing business both here in Canada, and across the globe. While specific construction methods may vary from country to country, one similarity is the continuing adoption of new technologies to create increased efficiencies and in many cases foster safer working environments. Looking specifically at drone adoption, UAVs are proving to be a valuable tool in assisting with risk management, insurance, and data tracking. Not only are they assisting with regulatory compliance in all these aspects, but the solutions they offer often come at a much lesser cost than traditional methods, and provide solutions which are easily scalable.

The most common use of drones for construction industry applications is in site surveying and progress tracking. Drones are proving extremely useful as data collection tools, allowing for quick and frequent progress shots to be captured and analyzed. These shots can be used to easily scope an entire site and get an idea of overall project progress and can be analyzed even further to estimate stockpiles of materials such as gravel and sand, offering tremendous time savings over traditional methods of human measuring.

According to Fortune Magazine, “Drones are cheaper to fly than manned aircraft and faster than human surveyors, and they collect data far more frequently than either, letting construction workers track a site’s progress with a degree of accuracy previously unknown in the industry. “

Taking drone use one step further, as 3D modeling, augmented reality and topographic mapping become more advanced and more manageable, the construction industry will see tremendous gains from adopting this technology.  New programs are allowing for drone data to be utilized in collaboration with various design tools taking the design and planning stages to the next level, and making the complete process more efficient, elegant, and powerful.

While construction is only one use case for the emerging drone technology, experts predict that the construction division is driving a third or more of drone industry growth. As drone adoption continues to grow throughout the industry, it will be exciting to see what new products are released geared specifically toward this market, and how these new tools with change the way these companies operate.

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