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Drones and Mining: The Benefits and Safety of Using Drones

In present day, drones and UAVs are starting to change the way people think about safety in mining.  Companies are noticing that when they focus on using drones in their mining businesses, it not only improves the safety of their employees, but also improves the quality of images, and therefore the ability to monitor minerals and assets.  It is a powerful value proposition to have technology that will save you long hours, build profits and also reduce the risk of injury.

Hexagon Mining wrote in January of 2017 that one of the main benefits and implementations of drones in mining lies in the ability to eliminate the need to have people walking around within a site on foot, having to get close enough to a particular area to get the desired shots. With the use of drones, which can access these hard to reach, and often dangerous spots, companies are able to achieve increased accuracy in their shots with much less chance of injury. It also provides the ability to capture shots which may be nearly impossible to capture otherwise, as the particular angles simply could not be achieved by a human on foot, or a manned aircraft. While this application can be applied in many industries, it provides particular advantages in mining, as the sites are often dangerous and inaccessible, making drones an excellent alternative to mitigate employee risk.

As mining companies grow,  it is becoming increasingly standard practice to use drones and UAVs every day.  While aerial photography has been around for a long time, nearly as long as the airplane, drones ability to cut down cost and time while providing a similar, if not superior product, make the decision to adopt this new technology a pretty clear one. Looking to the future, it is sure that the use of drones within the mining industry will continue to grow, and will be interesting to see the types of drones which come into the market geared particularly towards mining applications. As a featured industry at this years conference, be sure to check out Big Drone Show to learn more about particular uses and applications of drones in mining.

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