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Drones, Movies and Film : A Fresh Perspective on Filming with Drones.

Much of the public view of the film and television industry is centered around entertainment value and often doesn’t grasp the background work that goes into making the shows and movies that we as consumers enjoy. The film set, for example must be extremely well thought out as it sets the stage for the scenery of a film, and perhaps just as important as the set itself is the way in which it is captured. While traditional means are still being used, as technology continues to improve, new methods of capturing footage are continuously being added, drones being just one example of this.

As highlighted in a Macleans article from 2015, there is much to be said regarding the change and new direction films are taking utilizing new UAV/drone technology. The article states that regardless of whether you are on board or not, the movement toward drones and UAVs in filmmaking is becoming increasingly more prevalent.  Looking at it’s trajectory, it seems it is less of a trend, and rather becoming a new standard for filmmaking as it allows filmmakers to capture new perspectives and creating a better understanding of the essence of a situation through a new and unexplored view.

While the idea of aerial imagery isn’t necessarily new in itself, traditional means were much more costly and time consuming, meaning that these shots were not necessarily always achievable. Through the use of drones however, rather than helicopters production companies are able to drastically reduce costs while still capturing the desired shots in a fraction of the time. One popular film that featured and popularized the use of drone shots was the James Bond film Skyfall.

As the technology continues to improve, and gains more widespread acceptance in the industry, many filmmakers are straying away from traditional methods such as helicopters entirely, and starting to rely solely on drones for any aerial views. While there is still some reluctance to fully jump into this new tech., it will be interesting to see the impacts it has in the future of the industry.

Media and film applications will be just one of the industries highlighted at this year’s Big Drone Show, coming to Toronto September 27-28. As an exciting addition, for the first time ever, the show will also be host to Toronto’s first Toronto Drone Film Festival which is aimed specifically at showcasing drone in film.

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