Farming With Drones – Big Drone Show

Farming With Drones


The Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (LSU Ag Center) has been researching how drones are revolutionizing business in the agricultural sector. This institution was one of the 11 in Louisiana to hold drone seminars for farmers, consultants, and others in the crop production and forestry industry. Through their research, it was determined that there are two main types of drones which are helpful for farmers.

The first is the bigger, more expensive UAVs that use infrared technology to capture detailed images of the mission. “The thing with the drones is the infrared photography … so we can see the nutrient deficiencies way before they would show up,” said one of the farmers.

The second type gives an aerial view from very high up that would be nearly impossible to see otherwise.  One of the farmers on KATC News said, “You can get a much better view of the field as opposed to riding along the edges of the field. It will give you a more accurate view of damages, say, in crops, for example, for insurance purposes,”

While it took years to develop the technology in this space, it will soon become an invaluable tool for farmers. “We’re always looking for the next best thing so if that infrared technology works on the drones and we can get it to where we can use it in real time it will for sure help us out,” said Lawson, one of the farmers. While there is still much to learn in terms of putting these into practice, and regulations which need to be followed, it is sure that with the numerous advantages offered, drones will soon become commonplace in the farming and agriculture communities.

As commercial drone companies are showing value in this space in Canada, the Big Drone Show will be covering agricultural use cases and benefits at this year’s show. Don’t miss the event to learn more.

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