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Women and Drones: Canada’s Big Drone Show and the Woman Behind It

Dallyce Sax has a big job pulling together Toronto’s commercial drone space showcase

Tell us about yourself and your background

My name is Dallyce Sax.  My background is more on the sales and marketing side of business, however since joining The Sky Guys so early on in the company’s inception I’ve had the opportunity to take on a number of various roles. As the company grows and pivots, I get to focus on different projects and areas, currently focusing a lot of my time on the coming Big Drone Show. With my educational background being in entrepreneurship studies, it’s been very exciting to be part of such a young and rapidly emerging industry.  

How did you get involved with Canada’s Big Drone Show and what is it?

As a 50/50 partner with Cambridge House International on the show, The Sky Guys is extremely involved, not only as an exhibitor but in putting it all together. As a company we have attended a number of similar shows in the US and abroad, and realized there was a lack of a big industry event for the drone space here in Canada, which is what started the idea behind the show. The Big Drone Show really is meant to be an opportunity for anyone involved in the space, from manufacturers to customers, to come together, learn from each other, and grow the industry here in Canada.

Who should attend the Big Drone Show?

While geared specifically towards the commercial drone space, rather than the consumer, the show really does offer something for everyone. While the exhibitor booths will be quite heavily populated with drone specific companies, the show will be an excellent learning opportunity for those in other industries who are looking to adopt drones in to their operations. Drone technology is providing useful applications in so many different spaces, and the show aims to really highlight what those applications are, and how drones can improve efficiencies and operations in a multitude of ways. While the focus is still on the commercial side, as an exciting addition to this year’s show we have announced the first ever Toronto Drone Film Festival. With drones offering a new way to capture unique perspectives, we wanted to give an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing footage captured using this technology, and give a chance for anyone from hobbyists to filmmakers, to showcase their work.

What segments of the drone industry will be represented?

The show will really represent all segments, although again the focus is on the commercial rather than the consumer side. Exhibitors will range from manufacturers and service providers, to wholesalers and other periphery industries who provide products or services to the UAV space. The speaker series will be even more broad, covering various industries where drones are changing the way businesses traditionally operate, with heavy representation in oil and gas, utilities, energy, construction, engineering, agriculture and mining. To further facilitate in the networking aspect of the event, the show will also offer a B2B meeting zone where we have partnered with MeetMax Event Software Solutions to provide simple one-on-one meeting opportunities.


Why is there such interest in the “Live Hackathon”?

Our thought behind the hackathon was that it would be a great way to showcase some of the young up and coming talent in the Toronto tech space. Since we have close relationships with a number of the post-secondary institutions already, it seemed like the perfect way to leverage these relationships to add something fun and exciting to the show. Not only is it the perfect opportunity for students to put their education to the test in a practical real world use case, but it’s a chance for them to showcase their work to the very companies that are looking for this type of innovative problem solving. Simultaneously, it’s also giving these companies the ability to scout upcoming talent.

Tell us about the show’s location, Toronto.

Being born and raised here, Toronto definitely holds a special spot in my heart. In terms of hosting the show here, with the attention Toronto has been getting recently around its growing tech culture and becoming a major tech hub, it seemed like a perfect spot. Since the major idea behind the Big Drone Show was to bring an industry conference home to Canada, it seemed a natural fit to do it in the city we know best.

What will the Big Drone Show have for women in the industry?

While the specific details are still in the works, we are excited to add some speaker segments specifically showcasing women in the industry this year. We plan to have both a women in tech, and a more specific women and drones talk as part of the show. With the tech space often being fairly male dominated, we’re excited to have the opportunity to showcase women in the industry and highlight some notable female contributors to the growing Canadian tech landscape.

Can you address rumors of some major announcements at the Big Drone Show?

If the rumors you’re referring to are the launch of the DJI enterprise line in collaboration with Gap Wireless, then yes, the rumors are true! We are very excited to showcase DJI’s Matrice 200 series industrial drones at this year’s show. While this particular showcase was formally announced earlier this month, there are sure to be a number of other exciting announcements at the show. Just last year we ourselves officially launched our tech. division, Defiant Labs, and a prototype of our first drone at the show and can’t wait to see what exciting releases this year’s show will have in store.

How can our Women and Drone’s community register for the event and take advantage of a discount?

As part of the Women and Drone’s community, Big Drone Show is offering a 25% discount off tickets using the promo code WOMENANDDRONES. Community members can head to the Big Drone Show site and under the Buy Tickets tab there will be an opportunity to enter in the promotional code at which point the discounted price will be reflected once the code is applied.   

What’s your favorite drone to fly?

While the drones we use as part of the business are much more robust, I personally play around on the DJI Mavic Pro. I love how small and portable it is, and since any of the flying I do is just for fun, it’s got everything I need.

How can W&D readers find out more about the Big Drone Show?

The best place to get full details of the show is at the Big Drone Show site which gives details of the event including speaker schedule, exhibitors, and more.  The 2017 show dates are September 27th and 28th.

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