Air Purifying and Waterproof Drones – Big Drone Show

Air Purifying and Waterproof Drones

‘Tis the season for Drone Shows which means exciting new releases and tech. Among these shows is the Berlin IFA at which Swellpro released the Splash Drone 3, their third generation Splash Drone, which is both waterproof and unsinkable. “It can land on the water and start flying from the water,” Swellpro Founder Eric Hu said to Reuters.

“It’s a multi-purpose drone that can do lots of things. From dropping fishing bait through to a follow-me mode, which is ideal for boat-users. You can get the drone to follow you while you’re on a boat or a jet ski or in a car on land,” technical manager for Swellpro in China Anthony Kuhn said. This includes search and rescue missions.  Mr. Kuhn also mentioned that the drone will be able to withstand the saltwater is a great achievement but does advise that the drone is rinsed off after exposure to saltwater.

This version of the waterproof drone includes a quick release waterproof 4K camera gimbal, as well as a first person, view remote controller and flight control system.

Also in attendance at IFA was Ataraina, whose air-cleaning drone, the prototype “Flying Magic Cleaner”, helps remove allergens such as dust and pollen, among other harmful particles from the home. While these are two fairly specific products, it shows the exciting new products to come out of these shows and the importance of attending to keep relevant, and we can’t wait to see what another tech is released throughout the remainder of the year.


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