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Finding Lost Dogs with Drones

Increasingly, drones are a being implemented as a key tool for surveillance and search and rescue. While this is widely applicable to people, it is also proving an extremely useful addition for those looking for missing pets. In a recent story, Holly, a black and white springer spaniel, disappeared one day and her owners, Beth and Darren, immediately started their search for her. The couple reached out with an online poster on social media websites and lost dog sites but nothing was turning up. Getting desperate, Beth and Darren turned to drones for help.

Jack Cordingley of Carnforth, owner of JC Drones, was tagged on the site DroneSARForLostDogsUK, which is a place to monitor lost dogs keeping an eye on the places that they were last seen. Holly was found with the help of a drone “I did two or three different flights which took about 15 minutes and on the third try, went to an area where we thought she might be. There was a swarm of bees and Holly perked up her ears and started running. Darren started to chase after her and the other guys on foot converged on the area where she was and she was saved.” said Cordingley.  He has helped others find their dogs in the past.

Cordingley said after finding Holly, in The Visitor, “It was a good result! It was a bit manic, I didn’t know whether to run after her or not. “I’m hoping to get a thermal imaging camera soon which I hope I can use to help the RNLI finding people.”  He said he will offer his services at no cost to anyone else who loses their dog within the same area. While this is just one small example, it shows how drones are making big differences across the board, even in these personal scenarios.

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