Esteemed speakers.

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Esteemed speakers.

  • Pierre Filiatreault
    Pierre Filiatreault

    Pierre is an Instrumentation Technologist with 10 years’ experience in the design, commissioning and project management of industrial communications and automation systems. He has a passion for the efficient use of technology with technical expertise in areas that include control system design, instrumentation selection, wireless communications, personnel and asset tracking and underground central blasting systems. Pierre has demonstrated experience in Conceptual, Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility and Detail Engineering projects with a strong focus on budget and schedule. Pierre is a recipient of the 2016 Hatch Global Innovation Award for the development of a UAV Water Sampling System that provides quantifiable value to our clients. As the UAV Services Manager, Pierre leads the applications development and services of UAV technology on Hatch projects.

  • Kenneth Kranz
    Kenneth Kranz
  • Kirk Eksyma
    Kirk Eksyma Hall A @ 11:30am

    Senior Vice President
    The Sky Guys, Ltd.

  • Jeremy Wang
    Jeremy Wang Hall A @ 2:30pm

    Chief Technology Officer
    The Sky Guys, Ltd.

  • Tom Hanson
    Tom Hanson Hall B @ 2:30pm

    Chief Operating Officer
    The Sky Guys, Ltd.

  • Adam Sax
    Adam Sax Hall B @ 12:30pm

    President & CEO
    The Sky Guys, Ltd.

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