Duffy McGuire – Big Drone Show
Duffy McGuireLCol. Ret., Founder – BLiNK-ai

LCol (Ret.) Darren “Duffy” McGuire is a retired RCAF pilot and founder of BLiNK-ai. Over his 31-year career with the military (much of which he spent flying Sea King helicopters off naval ships), he has spent several tours focused on emerging technologies and force development strategies. Darren’s expertise has led to a variety of innovative activities including the inception of the Joint Unmanned Surveillance and Target Acquisition System (or JUSTAS) UAV program, the introduction of the RCAF into collision events such as hackathons, and oversight of the RCAF UAS program. He has worked innovation development and experimentation with NATO, the UK, Australia and US forces, and has participated in and led a wide array of future-based war games at both the national and international level.

Just launching his new start-up, BLiNK-ai will be addressing the challenge of data exploitation and speeding up the infamous OODA loop (also known as the decision-making cycle). Darren holds a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from Guelph University and an MBA in Strategic Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada.

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