Kevin Toderel – Big Drone Show
Kevin ToderelBusiness Development Manager – GAP Wireless

Is a dynamic innovator, technologist and market pioneer who’s passion is launching new and game changing technologies. He has partnered with some of the world’s best and fastest growing companies, from Fortune 500 global players to Profit 50 Startups. As head of business development for the UAV division of GAP Wireless Kevin has helped GAP become the largest DJI Enterprise partner in Canada and has also been instrumental in building partnerships with leading UAV companies like DJI, FLIR, KSI Datasciences, Propeller Aero, and Flyability.

The UAV market in Canada is booming and Kevin is no stranger to high growth environments, having spent 6 years living and working in Asia in the midst of huge economic growth. While in Asia he partnered with companies like HP, ACER, National Semiconductor and SAP to help them launch new products and services into their marketplaces. He sees that same expansion happening for UAV’s in North America where he is currently focused on the inspection and public safety markets and is an expert in the relevant hardware and software applications for UAV’s in those verticals . He is also leading the GAP Wireless/ DJI initiative to roll out the new DJI Edu University programs to schools like U of T, and U of Alberta with the goal of encouraging the development of UAV specific programs and research initiatives.

Kevin is currently completing his ground school training and looks forward to being able to fly the M600 without fear! In his spare time he is training for his 13th Marathon.

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