Marcus Dickinson – Big Drone Show
Marcus DickinsonUAV Operator

Marcus started flying drones back in 2011. Since then, his passion for the hobby has continued, founding X4 Drones in 2013. During these last few years, Marcus and X4 Drones have become synonymous with safety, education and a love for the UAV industry. Whether speaking at industry conferences or conducting workshops and seminars across North America, Marcus continues to drive the industry forward, always pushing for safe and legal drone flight.

With over 1000 hours experience in precision agriculture, NIR/NDVI, inspection, 3D mapping/surveying, residential & commercial real estate, film/TV production, wedding & events, and more, Marcus has witnessed the UAV industry continue to change and grow. There are always new ways to apply UAV technology, and X4 Drones will be at the forefront.

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